Individual Power Plate training

Studio Plate, Beograd, Deligradska 1, Slavija. Tel. 011-3611-949, 065-291-00-22

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Individual training in Studio Plate

For Your greatest enjoyment Studio Plate is offering only individual trainings.

Our professional trainer is with You from the beginning to the end of each training – he is programming and conduction, but also controlling and monitoring Your exercises. 

Power Plate training in Studio Plate consist of 3 parts:

1.Vibration training at Power Plate (strengthening and toning up muscles speeding up losing fat)

2. Streching with vibration (improving muscle flexibility, muscle are becoming spindle shaped)

3. Vibratory massage (relaxing muscles, reducing effect of stress, helping i losing cellulite and elimination of lactic acid from muscles, preventing muscles inflammation) – massage in the end of training is optional: anti-cellulite or relax.

For additional information, Your presonal trainer is available on 011/3611-949 and 065/291-0022

Studio Plate.
Deligradska 1, Slavija

Read this page in Serbian